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Finally washing up on these shores almost a year after its US release, this would-be romantic comedy served as evidence of Angelina Jolie's post-Oscar poor judgement. Here she plays Lanie Kerrigan, a has-it-all Seattle TV reporter (great job, great boyfriend, great big hair) who is informed by a tramp known as Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub) that she has a week to live. Cue much re-evaluating of life goals and cod-philosophising about "living every day as if it were your last". For Lanie, that includes falling into bed with her hitherto loathed cameraman (Edward Burns) - no bad thing if the leads generated any chemistry at all. For much of the film, however, Jolie gives Lanie such a brittle, vain and shallow edge that it's hard to care.


Life or Something Like ItLife or Something Like ItLife or Something Like ItLife or Something Like ItLife or Something Like It


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