The end of the 1950s: ROSANNA returns as a music teacher to the claustrophobic confines of the convent boarding school from which she escaped as a young girl. Her happy, understanding ways, unconventional teaching methods and deep love of music soon win her the hearts of her girl pupils. VITHOLD, a nice young doctor, is also fascinated by Rosanna and gradually manages to convince her of his deep feelings for her. Rosanna encounters rejection and hatred from ALBERTA, the Mother Superior, who has a deep belief in strict discipline and order, as well as from her close associate Sister FEDERICA, who is severe to the point of inhumanity. Rosanna is blamed for all problems relating to the girls # but she doesn't give up. Whatever trouble her charges are in, she stands by them. After one distraught schoolgirl makes a suicide attempt, Rosanna blames the Mother Superior for it in a fierce exchange, and then has to leave the school. But the Bishop has meanwhile realized that Alberta's education methods are no longer up-to-date # and Rosanna is rehabilitated!

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