Not a continuous series with consistent story continuity, but a number of essentially independent stories, 'Love Boat without the cruise ship'. Each episode is set in another exotic holiday destination, interweaving the adventures of local inhabitants and hotel staff and some of the hotel guests, whose problems usually root at home in Europe, with ample images of the local nature, traditions, monuments, and wildlife.

C'était sur les chaînes:

DasErste  RAI 2  

  • Das Traumschiff (1981)

    Every episode features a cruise to a different spectacular location aboard a German luxury liner. There are usually several storylines, mostly of the romantic...
  • Les forces du destin (2018)

    Il n’existe pas d’industrie plus dynamique que la mode. Vika Grigorenko le sait parfaitement. Elle est ambitieuse et rêve de devenir une grande couturière...
  • Barwy szczęścia (2007)

    The protagonists are the inhabitants of Zaciszna Street in Warsaw. Some of them have known each other for years, some have just moved to the "Pod Sosnami" estate....
  • Among Us (1994)

    Among us (UU) is a German soap opera broadcasted since 28 November 1994, Monday to Friday by RTL. Among us deals about people in the Schillerallee in Cologne,...

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