Harry Bosch is an irreverent homicide detective in Los Angeles. Like any good protagonist he has problems with authority, follows his gut and bends a few rules while achieving the best solved case rate in all of California. Whatever situations the writers put him into he will undoubtedly be entertaining as he pursues justice.

C'était sur les chaînes:

TCM Cinéma  Kabel 1  France 3  

  • Hamburg Dockland (2007)

    The stories of police officers and doctors working near the Port of Hamburg.
  • Auf Streife (2013)

  • Soko, brigade des stups (1978)

    The cases of a major crimes unit of the Munich police.
  • Archiwista (2020)

    The main hero of "Archivist" is Henryk Mikos (Henryk Talar), an employee of the police archives who is above average memory and intelligence, who is trying to...

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