Pirated DVD seller Zafer who is formerly an extra in movies; swore to give up illegal works when his wife wanted to get divorce. To win his family back, he and his old-fashioned crew decided to make a movie called "Summit - The End Of Evil" which is a fantastic science fiction movie and couldn't be shot since 1977. A funny, entertaining and emotional journey awaits him who waded into this adventure with his unqualified crew.


Aucun avis
  • My Bride (2021)

    The story follows a young man and woman who go through various situations in their journey to find the right partner, which raises questions about traditional...
  • Lude godine (1977)

    Two teenagers - boy from the rural and girl from the urban family - fall in love. Problems arise when the girl gets pregnant. This movie was the first in one of...
  • Gülen Adam (1990)

    The story of a man who can not stop laughing whatever the situation he is in even his birth as a baby.
  • Caramel (2007)

    A women's hairdressing salon might seem an obvious location for a female-bonding drama, but this assured debut - confidently directed by Lebanese actress Nadine...

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