J'ai perdu Albert

J'ai perdu Albert (2018)

comédie | France, Belgique
Réalisateur: Didier Van Cauwelaert

Rating: 4.4/10


Chloe is the most famous young medium in France. She decides private matters for the world's leaders , chooses the CEOs of big companies as well as the next trends in fashion. Having a sound reputation in the industry, Chloe is however just a channel: an extremely advanced spirit has chosen her ever since her childhood to convey his ideas through her. This spirit is no one else but - Albert Einstein. However, the young woman gives too many consultations, she is overbooked and is in the midst of a sentimental and moral crisis. She has polluted her channel and cannot "receive" any more information. Albert Einstein has suddenly decided to - move out. In an airport snack, he "enters" a waiter's body, Zac, a stubborn and depressed beekeeper who, with no real future opportunities, takes odd jobs to make ends meet and save his bees. All of a sudden, this common man starts to know everything about everybody, hears their thoughts and sees the future - Chloe must now face an unmanageable ...


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