Évaluation: 6.1/10


In a drought-tormented peasant town, Andrees hopes to wed Maren, daughter of the richest valley land owner who sells the rare water for dried-up hill pastures. He however refuses her hand to the son of a widow whose husband foolishly limited himself to hill cattle, hence is about to loose all. yet he jocularly promises to allow the wedding and scrap the debt as wedding gift if the couple manages to end the drought by awaking the legendary rain fairy. The youngster set out to find her, countered by the fire master, a demon who thrives in heat waves. They must combine their skills and improvise.


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  • Bigfoot et les Henderson (1987)

    Le Bigfoot, un animal géant mythique qui s'apparente aux gorilles, sème la zizanie dans une famille américaine moyenne qui a décidé de l'adopter
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  • L'arbuste qui chante (2016)

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