Évaluation: 5.5/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 8.94/10
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Only ardent fans of the Disney Channel's sitcom princess will like this retake on Gidget Goes to Rome from director Jim Fall. Everyone else should give this synthetic soap opera a wide berth. Fluffy to the point of nearly blowing off the screen, the clumsy TV eighth-grader (Hilary Duff) goes on a graduation school trip to the Eternal City where she's mistaken for the female half of a sensational Italian pop duo and is coerced to impersonate her at an awards show. But all is not what it seems in this old-fashioned froth complete with bumbling Italians, language problems, designer-gear montage and the inevitable Vespa ride around the obvious landmarks. No Three Coins in the Fountain cliché is left unused in this inane confection that is sugar-coated blandness personified and not remotely funny. The soundtrack features a cheesy disco version of Volare - and that says it all.


Lizzie McGuire, le film


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