Will Not Stop There

Nije kraj (2008)

Réalisateur: Vinko Brešan

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Note de l'utilisateur: 7.7/10
(281 voix)


Djuro is a Romany, he has a large, happy family, and earns a living appearing in Serbian porn films. And it's through his sarcastic perspective that we follow the story of the Croatian war veteran Martin. He falls in love with a beautiful girl who plays Little Red Riding Hood in a porn version of the fairy tale. She is also a prostitute. To be with her, Martin has to buy her from her pimp. A tragicomic story of love in a world where it seems all human values are put up for sale or destined for cynical destruction


Will Not Stop ThereWill Not Stop ThereWill Not Stop ThereWill Not Stop ThereWill Not Stop There


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