La mort a souri à l'assassin

La morte ha sorriso all'assassino (1973)

Réalisateur: Joe D'Amato

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.0/10


A young woman, Greta, loses her memory following an accident with a carriage and finds hospitality at the villa of two wealthy landowners Eva and Walter. The two welcome the girl with great hospitality, far too much - since she is forgetful she ends up in bed with the husband first and then with the wife. But even Dr. Sturges who pays her first visit is interested in her, and above all he is interested in the amulet that she wears around her neck. In fact, he is carrying out mysterious experiments to bring the dead back to life through ancient formulas attributed to the Incas and that amulet is very familiar to him. Things get complicated when Ewa discovers her affair with her husband and, in a raptus of jealousy, she kills her by walling her alive. But a few days later, during a masquerade party, Greta mysteriously reappears with a skeletal face and begins to persecute Ewa pushing her to suicide - and the dead will not end here .


La mort a souri à l'assassin


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