Vukovar: The Way Home

Vukovar se vraća kući (1994)

Réalisateur: Branko Schmidt

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Évaluation: 6.0/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 7.67/10
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The story follows a group of Croatian refugees who have been forced to leave their hometown of Vukovar by Serbian forces during Croatia's struggle for independence. The people are settled at a railway station in a village near Vukovar, where they live in a train which is adapted to serve as a temporary accommodation.The situation grows dim as the date of their return proves to be uncertain, and the lives of the survivors and refugees becomes more and more complicated being burdened by PTSP and strong feelings of hope to return to their homestead.


Vukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way HomeVukovar: The Way Home


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