Aleksi (2018)

drame, comédie, romantique | Croatie, Serbie
Réalisateur: Barbara Vekarić

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Évaluation: 8.1/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 3.7/10
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Aleksi is a troubled 28-year-old who has failed to find a job as a photographer after graduating from college and is returning home to live under her parents' roof. With few options to stave off her boredom, Aleksi ignores her pressing responsibilities by following her impulses with various men: Christian, an American photographer who she bonds with due to the similar interests; Goran, a local musician who she can't stand because of his traditional values, but with whom she has an intense physical chemistry; and Toni, an older, richer, charming Slovenian playboy who tries to lure her with the extravagance of yachts, parties and expensive drugs.




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