Barcelona, nit d'hivern

Barcelona, nit d'hivern (2015)

romantique | Espagne
Réalisateur: Dani de la Orden

Où regarder
Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.6/10


It's Christmas time in Barcelona and the city is brimming with magic and love - Carles and Laura have just had their first baby. They're quickly discovering that three really is a crowd and that adapting to the new love in their lives is nowhere near as easy as they thought it would be. Grandma Carmen has some news, and what better occasion to tell her family about her new relationship than Christmas? Unfortunately, her loved ones won't be as crazy about the object of her affection as she is. Adrian and Angel are room mates who share everything, but sharing a girl might prove a little more difficult. The threesome they organize won't have quite the "happy ending" they expected. Desperate romantic Oscar is on a mission: to have a one night stand without falling head over heels in love. But with the magic of Christmas and love in the air, will he able to resist the temptation? An unexpected encounter with a mysterious young French woman will bring the memory of love back into Jaume's ...


Barcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivernBarcelona, nit d'hivern


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