A Good Wife

Dobra žena (2016)

drame, romantique, comédie | Serbie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Croatie
Réalisateur: Mirjana Karanović

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Évaluation: 6.7/10


On the far side of middle age, business owner Vlada and his wife Milena live an upper middle class lifestyle outside of Belgrade. Without really thinking about it as they go about their day-to-day business, they are dedicated to protecting that comfortable life they've eked out for themselves and their now young adult to teenaged children, Natasha, Milos and Katarina. There is some friction between Vlada and Natasha for her anti-Serbian stance due to the atrocities exacted by the government during the Balkan War, she having written an award winning essay on the subject. Many Balkans, including Serbians, are calling for those who committed war crimes to be prosecuted. The reason for Vlada's pro-Serbian stance is that he was a soldier fighting for the Serbs during the war, he and Milena who still have among their social circle some of Vlada's fellow ex-soldiers and their now spouses and partners. Upon a visit to her physician, Milena learns that she has a lump in her left breast, she never having done a mammogram. As she contemplates her health and waits to get the lump checked out, she decides not to say anything to her family. Concurrently as she does a major cleaning of the house, Milena finds conclusive evidence that Vlada did commit war crimes when he was a soldier. These two events quietly rock Milena's rather staid world. What she decides to do about her life is affected by the eventual diagnosis regarding the lump and her and Vlada's friendships within that specific social circle.


A Good Wife


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