Gentlemen, Good Luck!

Dzhentlmeny, udachi! (2012)

comédie, crime | Russie
TV1000 Global Kino | 19/10/2022 | 17:20

Évaluation: 2.8/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 10/10


Young animator from a daycare center Lesha Treshkin is an infantile and happy hipster. He appears to be an identical copy of the most dangerous thief and murderer Smiley (nicknamed for smiling before delivering a killing blow). Smiley steals national symbol of Kazakhstan - Golden Warrior's Armor - from the museum. Police lieutenant Irina Slavina arrests Treshkin and coerces him into helping the police. Treshkin goes to Egypt where two colleagues of Smiley are held - a young and optimistic thief Fly and experiences and moody Pitman. Crazy chain of events takes them from sand storm prison escape to truck chase and hiding under hijabs. When the real Smiley appears on the stage, Treshkin has to show real courage to save himself, lieutenant Slavina and his new friends.


Gentlemen, Good Luck!Gentlemen, Good Luck!Gentlemen, Good Luck!Gentlemen, Good Luck!Gentlemen, Good Luck!


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