Times Without War

Vreme bez vojna (1969)

Réalisateur: Branko Gapo

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.7/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 5.3/10
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Fidan is a young man who lives and works in the town. His father Dicho is a peasant who was a fighter both in the war and in the revolution as well. After the war he supports the idea for collectivization and industrialization of the villages in general. Being sincerely persuaded in those ideas he works on it, but he is often confronted with most of village fellows, and most eagerly by Lazar, his closest friend, and adopted brother. After the failure of the cooperative movement, Dicho leaves the village. Soon he dies and his son Fidan fulfills his father's last wish burying him in his native village. Being there Fidan tries to find himself in the new circumstances, in the new pursuit of cattle-breeding which is a great challenge for him, as well in making new contacts with the people of the village. He falls in love with a girl, named Blaguna, who is Lazar's daughter and soon she becomes his wife. Although he is exposed to the mistiness of his village fellows, Fidan is occupied by sheep raising with all his enthusiasm. However, trade laws are severe and unfavorable, and in such circumstances it is not possible for him to realize purposes and projects. Fidan's return to his father's home brings him neither spiritual peace that he was looking for nor new contents in his lifestyle.


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