DC 9/11: Time of Crisis

DC 9/11: Time of Crisis (2003)

drame, historique | Canada, Etats-Unis
Réalisateur: Brian Trenchard Smith

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Évaluation: 4.5/10


Scheduled to air shortly before the second anniversary of the September 11 attacks, DC 9/11 takes an inside look at the Bush Administration, beginning with the day of the attacks, and following the President's journey to Ground Zero, culminating with his now famous national address nine days after the attacks. The film covers the many difficult decisions and tasks faced by the President and his staff as they were challenged by the possibility of the "first war of the 21st Century." Eschewing their own feelings and healing process, the President and his team instead tended to the needs of a wounded country. Based on real life accounts the docudrama will interweave actual footage from these haunting events.


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