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Set against the backdrop of a liberalization in Tito's Yugoslavia in 1968; across Europe, youth thunders against war, for freedom of speech, sexual revolution. The youth of Yugoslavia in Belgrade come out to support their brothers in spirit from Paris, also join these performances. A comedy about the coming of age of Petar as he looks for love just about anywhere, now that he has discovered it exists. His father Veselin is a distant sort who wants him to focus on his grades so he will have a chance at a good future (and be a good Marxist), but Petar's card-shark of a grandfather understands and offers him the advice he needs. Meanwhile, Petar has a crush on his beautiful sociology teacher and wreaks havoc with his academic standing by trying to get back at her for bathing in the river with her male companion. This affront to his feelings is soon forgotten when he meets a charming young miss who is visiting the town with a youth orchestra -- and love takes off from there.


Varljivo leto '68Varljivo leto '68Varljivo leto '68


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