Cuisine et séduction

Verführung in 6 Gängen (2004)

famille, romantique | Allemagne
Réalisateur: Ariane Zeller

Note de l'utilisateur: 5.7/10
(207 votes)


Frank Drannemann, a passionate star chef and single father, is in a professional and private crisis. Since the tragic accidental death of his beloved wife, the soul of the gourmet restaurant "La Vie", business has been bad. Daughter Franzi, handicapped by a stiff knee joint since the accident, doesn't let anyone get near her. The little son Michael also feels neglected, because Frank mainly concentrates on cooking. When preparing his famous lobster or seasoning one of his irresistible sauces, the gourmet chef is in his element. But Frank has lost sight of reality: Since the friendly reception from Frank's wife has been missing, far too few guests appreciate his exquisite cuisine, and so "La Vie" is on the verge of bankruptcy. When his father-in-law and business partner Georg Krimmler tries to persuade the maître de cuisine to slow down the culinary heights so that more guests come, Frank is offended in his professional honor. To avert bankruptcy, Georg concludes a contract with the travel company "Gourmet Tours" over his head: The smart, pretty Marlene Renner is now booking "La Vie" for tour groups who want to enjoy local culinary delights on their city tours. Unfortunately, the hungry tourists don't understand that you have to spend a little more time for Frank's culinary creations. And when Marlene redecorated "La Vie" in the Berlin style on top of that, it was an affront for Frank, who regards the bar as the legacy of his late wife. The tablecloth seems cut - but when both of them are finally threatened with business failure, Frank discovers his love for Marlene.


Cuisine et séductionCuisine et séductionCuisine et séduction


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