Servantes iz malog mista

Servantes iz malog mista (1982)

comédie | Yugoslavia
Réalisateur: Danijel Marušić

Évaluation: 6.4/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 8.57/10
(14 votes)


The residents of a small coastal town in Southern Croatia live their ordinary lives, but try to catch up with time as well. The hotel manager Roko Prc wants to open a nude beach. His wife brings two of her cousins from the poor hinterland urging on Roko to employ them. One of them meets a beautiful Swedish woman. A poet known as Cervantes comes back from Chile with pockets empty, thus making another worry for his aunt Keka who does have enough problems even without him. Anyway, Cervantes will meet his sweetheart, too.


Servantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mistaServantes iz malog mista


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