Dečak i violina

Dečak i violina (1975)

Réalisateur: Jovan Rančić
PINK Film | 11/12/2023 | 03:45

Évaluation: 6.3/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 7/10
(6 votes)


The war is over. Children without mothers and fathers, children of fighters who fell for freedom...This is the story about such boys who placed in the homes for children of fallen soldiers. One of these homes was especially for boys with gift for music. One of them was a boy named Goran. he and his best friend exchanged violins. The difference in violins was only in color, but this one reminded him strangely of the past he past. All his boyish feelings and is tender memories of his mother killed in war, Goran put into his music, producing wonderful sounds on the dark violin. But it was this violin that caused many misunderstanding in the Home.


Dečak i violinaDečak i violinaDečak i violina


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