Das Glück wohnt nebenan

Das Glück wohnt nebenan (1939)

comédie | Allemagne
Réalisateur: Hubert Marischka

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 5.7/10


The seamstresses Franzi and Mizzi have opened up a small shop in a suburb of Vienna. Mizzi is of the opinion, however, that her friend could have a much better life if only she'd marry Karl, the son of the landlord, who has been hot for her for quite a while now. Next store to them lives a rather elegant gentleman, whom Mizzi does not like. One day, an excited woman bursts into the studio, tears off her clothes and begs the girls to act as if they're fitting her for a dress should her husband waltz on in, too. In fact, her jealous husband Stefan does show up and is thrilled to discover that his Gerda isn't cheating on him. But Mizzi and Franzi are positive, that she's been meeting a certain elegant gentleman next door.


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