In 1954, after their flight from East Prussia following WWII, orphaned sister Angela, Barbara (Dick), and Brigitte (Dalli) have settled with their Oma (Grandmother) Jantzen near Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein. The Jantzens have owned the 18th-century manor horse "Immenhof" for over 100 years, breeding and selling ponies. Jochen von Roth has only recently returned from POW camp and is now trying to establish a stud farm in the old forester's house about 5 kilometers from the manor house. Both Oma Jantzen and von Roth are struggling with finances. Debt might force Oma Jantzen to face auctioning off her possessions. Into this situation arrives Ethelbert, the sisters' posh big-city cousin, making a fool of himself in his red-and-white riding gear, falling off ponies and into traps, but Dick feels drawn to him. Romance also blossoms between Jochen von Roth and Angela. Helped along by a thunderstorm and a horse-buyer's cash, everything resolves happily, with Jochen proposing to Angela and Ethelbert promising to write often.


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