The Golden Goose

Die goldene Gans (1964)

famille, fantastique | East Germany
Réalisateur: Siegfried Hartmann

Évaluation: 6.4/10


Klaus lives with his two brothers Kunz and Franz in a little village. Together, they ply their trade as cobblers in a small workshop. But the workload rests mainly on the shoulders of ill-treated Klaus. When Kunz and Franz go off into the forest to chop wood for fuel they run into an old woman who asks them for some wine and bread. Rudely and gruffly, they refuse her request and return home without any wood. Klaus then has to set out and he meets the old woman as well. He gladly offers her his frugal meal which is suddenly turned into pancakes and good wine. In addition, he receives a golden goose for his kindness. The bird possesses a an unusual characteristic: all those who are prying, nosy, envious and rapacious get stuck to it and become glued to one another. On his subsequent journey, Klaus therefore collects a weird, motley following. This sight even makes the melancholy princess laugh. Whoever can make her laugh, the king has pro-claimed, shall have her for his wife. But in view of the prospective bridegroom's poverty, the king sets Klaus to new tasks. Klaus carries them out with much skill and even manages to disentangle the stuck-together human snake. The king has no choice but to agree to the wedding.


The Golden GooseThe Golden GooseThe Golden GooseThe Golden GooseThe Golden GooseThe Golden Goose


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