Four Good Days

Four Good Days (2020)

drame | Canada
Réalisateur: Rodrigo García

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.4/10


Bruised, abused, and on the verge of collapse, heroin-addled Molly shows up at the house of her heartbroken, long-suffering mother, Deb, seeking help. But ten painful years of estrangement, drug use, and addiction have taken a toll on the already fragile mother-and-daughter relationship. Because, so far, Molly has been through detox more than a dozen times, yet she still shows no signs of recovering. Now, a doctor offers Molly a shred of hope--a monthly shot of an opioid antagonist, a potent agent that prevents toxic substances from binding to the central nervous system. However, there's a catch: Molly must stay clean for four long, excruciating, faith-challenging days to receive the promising treatment. The question is, can Molly respond to Deb's tough love?


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