Crash Kids

Crash Kids: Trust No One (2007)

action | Allemagne
Réalisateur: Raoul W. Heimrich

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Rating: 5.7/10


Crash Kids - trust no one Mike Camber is a good kid who lives with his uncle in Germany. But things go very bad for him when his buddy Werner offers to take him for a ride in his new car... which is stolen. Werner crashes the car and flees, leaving Mike behind, trapped in the car. Mike is arrested by the police and sent to a juvenile detention center. While imprisoned, Mike meets Miu, a beautiful young woman being held for crimes she won't talk about. Together, they inadvertently discover that the warden is running a drug ring out of the detention center...and now the warden wants them dead because of what they know. Mike and Miu escape, only to learn that the local police, and even Mike's buddy Werner, are involved with drug ring. On the run, with no where to go, Mike turns to the only person he feels he can trust, a mysterious stranger he hardly knows: his father.


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