Sex with a Smile II

Spogliamoci così, senza pudor... (1976)

komedija | Italija
Redatelj: Sergio Martino

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Ocjena: 4.5/10
Ocjena korisnika: 8/10
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utorak, 23. ožujka 2021. 10:41
Sergio Martino returns to sexy comedy, giving us the first film in episodes (four, for about twenty-five minutes) of his long and fruitful career, scripted by the great and unforgettable Raimondo Vianello.

In the first episode: " The detective " an odd duo formed by a private detective and his assistant (Aldo Maccione and Alvaro Vitali), try in every way to insinuate doubts about the fidelity of his wife (Ria De Simone), in the mind of a jealous husband (Benito Artesi) in order to profit from it. Unfortunately for them they will be screwed, especially the detective, paying with the horns he was looking for so much.

In the second episode: " The football team ", Dante Zatteroni (Enrico Montesano), a former footballer disbarred for sporting offense, learns that the women's team of the "Mobilbello" furniture factory, coached by one of his former team mates (Gianfranco Barra), loses his strongest player through injury. Unfortunately the match that will decide the championship against the hated "Idelmobil" is imminent, and without the spearhead of the team, there is no hope for "Mobilbello". Dante will disguise himself as a woman, pretending to be a Polish oriunda, and in exchange for a million, he will replace the player showing all his skills. Unfortunately for him a free kick from the edge of the area will reveal the cheat.

In the third episode: “The wardrobe of Troy” , Giangi Busacca (Alberto Lionello), a film producer with many ideas and little money, is married to Violante (Barbara Bouchet), a rich and cold woman. In order to meet the French lover Françoise (Nadia Cassini) and avoid going on a boat with his wife and some friends, he will work out a perfect stratagem. Only a group of thieves who arrived at the villa with the fake task of delivering a wardrobe, which contains an accomplice (Ninetto Davoli), will ruin the party at Giangi.

In the fourth episode: " The visit ", A clandestine meeting between Marco (Johnny Dorelli) and Marina (Ursula Andress) in the woman's house, will be terribly complicated by the sudden death of the notary downstairs, causing a series of misunderstandings and situations tragicomic ...

Sergio Martino packs an episodic film that manages to pursue its goal, that is to entertain, and does so through well-directed and well-acted stories by the various great names of Italian comedy. These alternate in the film exploiting, in my opinion, the brevity of the individual events to their advantage, concentrating the best of themselves in 20/25 minutes and churning out one performance better than the other.
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