Sex with a Smile II

Spogliamoci così, senza pudor... (1976)

komedija | Italija
Redatelj: Sergio Martino

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Ocjena: 4.5/10
Ocjena korisnika: 8/10
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The 4 short stories in this Italian Sex-Comedy all revolve around marriage infinitely. A private eye and his inept assistant are hired by a jealous husband to spy on his wife. The detective ends up forgetting about his own horny bombshell at home and you can guess the rest. THE RINGER - A female soccer team's best player goes down with a serious injury. The coach hires a male soccer star to pose as a woman to replace her. Shower scenes dominate this gender bender. THE TROJAN WARDROBE - A philandering producer and his wife (Barbara Bouchet) go on a boating trip. He comes up with an excuse to leave and returns home to his hot French mistress. He doesn't know a robber has beat him to it in more ways than one. ONE STEP TO PARADISE - Marina (Ursula Andress) and her lover decide to consumate their affair right under her husband's nose.


Recenzirao/la hymie
utorak, 23. ožujka 2021. 10:41
Sergio Martino returns to sexy comedy, giving us the first film in episodes (four, for about twenty-five minutes) of his long and fruitful career, scripted by the great and unforgettable Raimondo Vianello.

In the first episode: " The detective " an odd duo formed by a private detective and his assistant (Aldo Maccione and Alvaro Vitali), try in every way to insinuate doubts about the fidelity of his wife (Ria De Simone), in the mind of a jealous husband (Benito Artesi) in order to profit... (više)
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