Tobias Knopp, Adventure of a Bachelor

Tobias Knopp, Abenteuer eines Junggesellen (1953)

komedija, animirani | Njemačka

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Ocjena: 5.2/10


The wealthy man Tobias Knopp becomes ever more lonely and quirky over the years. He had let himself go, his girth increased significantly, and his hair fell out. Over that, he waited too long for the right woman and stayed a bachelor involuntarily. But now, he wants to try again one more time and wants to get married after all. But first of all, the right woman for this has to be found, and thus Knopp embarks on a journey to look for a wife all through the German lands. During that, he visits his friends who are already married for a long time and gets all kinds of advice from them on how to get to know a woman and to conquer her heart. On his journey, Knopp then learns much about the different facets of married life. After countless adventures, he, however, doesn’t find an adequate partner and returns home frustrated. But perhaps, his housekeeper might be able to help out?


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