Utta Danella: Die andere Eva

Utta Danella (2003)

Drama, Romance | Alemania
Guionista: Gloria Behrens

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Clasificación: 5.2/10


EPISODIO: 5 - Die andere Eva


The brothers Franz and Klaus Seebacher's comfy farm life is shaken by the arrival of penniless Eva 'Eve', who claims to be Franz's estranged gambler-son Georg's second ex-wife, arriving with recently deceased first wife Eva Maria's sissy pre-teen son Robbie. Unhappilt married country doctor Dr. Freese gave Eva a lift from the rail station, and already has a crush on her. Franz decides to file for grandfatherly custody and make Robbie his heir, Klaus turns flirtatious. Devoted housekeeper Alma soon smells a rat about 'poor' Eve and takes measures against the apparent gold-digger, but the plot is yet incomplete.


Utta DanellaUtta Danella


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