Laws of Love

Cuore contro cuore (2004)

Drama | Italia
Guionista: Riccardo Mosca

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Clasificación: 5.5/10

Francesca De Luca is an established lawyer who deals with civil law, more specifically family law. Her partner is her husband, cynic Claudio Donati. When Francesca discovers that Claudio is cheating on her with Silvia, she decides to open her own firm, leave her husband, and take her children Luca and Marta with her. The former spouses not only fight for custody of the children, but also compete in business constantly. Francesca finds herself in huge financial and psychological problems, exacerbated by the fact that the man she used to love has become her biggest enemy. However, when a whole team that used to work for her husband decides to join her in her entrepreneurial adventure, Francesca will finally get faith in the future.


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