The series follows Jessie Prescott, a small-town young woman with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict father, decides to leave the Texas military base where she grew up and move to New York City. She accepts a job as a nanny and moves into a multi-million-dollar penthouse on the Upper West Side with the wealthy Ross family which includes: jet-setting parents Morgan and Christina; their four rambunctious children Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri; and the family pet (and Ravi's companion) Mr. (later Mrs.) Kipling, a 7-foot (2-meter) Asian water monitor that turns out to be female. With a whole new world of experiences open to her, Jessie embarks on new adventures in the big city as she grows to rely on the love and support of the children in her care. Assisting her are the family's sarcastic butler Bertram and the building's 20-year-old doorman Tony.

Estaba en los canales:

Disney Channel ES  

  • Las Fierbinti (2012)

    A rural comedy where the intrigues caused by the upcoming elections in a small village give rise to a ridiculous war between the mayor and deputy mayor....
  • Equipo Danger (2020)

    Captain Man has a new crew of superhero sidekicks - Danger Force. Captain Man and Schwoz create a fake school to train the kids to harness their uncontrollable...
  • Billions (2016)

    U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king, Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures.
  • ApropoTV (2005)


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