Un misterio para Aurora Teagarden

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (2015)

Crimen, Misterio | Estados Unidos

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Aurora Teagarden, Ro to her friends, is an assistant librarian in Lawrenceton. She is also a member of the Real Murders Discussion Club, which, as its name implies, discusses all aspects of past real life murders. Among the other consistent members of the Club is her best friend, newspaper reporter Sally Allison, and Lawrenceton Police Detective Arthur Smith, which does not sit well with his wife, Lawrenceton Police Chief Lynn Liggett-Smith. What also does not sit well with the Chief is the Club always inserting itself into murder investigations in Lawrenceton, Ro considered the most knowledgeable of the Club members about all things murder. Ro's involvement in these investigations also does not sit well with her mother, real estate agent Aida Teagarden who places her efforts both in trying to dissuade Ro from embarking on what end up being these dangerous endeavors and in finding a good man for Ro.

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