Pan Tau

Pan Tau (2020)

Comedia, Familia, Fantasía | Chequia, Alemania

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Clasificación: 4.3/10

Elegant, silent and yet full of fantastic surprises - Pan Tau is no ordinary school mascot. Whenever a kid at Westpark School needs help, Pan-Tau steps in, using his alien magic powers. And the youngsters' problems are certainly wide-ranging: A classmate snatches the role in the musical from you? Nasty influencers try to ruin your father's reputation? Your secret love seems unreachable? You are afraid of disappointing your family? No matter where the problem lies, Pan Tau is there with a smile - and incredible magic that will make you wonder and laugh. With the ability to make bathtubs fly, or to beam you into your favorite novel, this is the invisible friend that everyone wants. But the real heroes of the series are the girls and boys who are helped by the lovable magician, whether in the schoolyard or at home with their families. Thanks to him, they discover their own superpowers: by developing courage, cleverness, self-confidence and friendship, they master every challenge in the end and thus grow beyond themselves.

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