The Big Idea

The Big Idea (2018)

Talk-show | Reino Unido

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Imagine a world where you can run at 40km an hour, live with a robot, and get hugged by your clothes. It’s all here on The Big Idea! Tech enthusiast Justin Bratton goes in search of the most exciting developments just around the corner. What he finds is truly astonishing. Bionic boots. Companion robots. A jacket designed to give a comforting hug. They might not be on the market yet, but the future is here! With no jargon or complex formulas, he meets the scientists and real people working with these great inventions. From brain stimulators to improve your maths skills to doctors prescribing virtual reality for pain, he travels in search of the technology that will soon have a big impact on our lives, with breakthroughs that can improve our health and make us stronger, smarter and safer. The invisibility cloak might take a bit longer, but there are scientists working on that too.


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