Twist of Faith

Twist of Faith (1999)

Drama, Thriller | Canadá
Guionista: Chris Angel

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Clasificación: 4.5/10


Vancouver Police Detective Henry Smith is one of those investigating the murder of Roman Catholic Father Martin, who was crucified in his own church. Soon, others are also murdered, their dead bodies either hung in crucifixion or laid in such a manner. The detectives realize that they are dealing with a serial killer with a very personal and religious agenda. In the middle of the investigation is powerful publisher Alexander Hunt, a major benefactor to the church who the detectives believe is either the killer or the next victim. Despite being an atheist, Henry believes solving this case will offer some redemption in his own life, one that includes guilt over a recent on the job death of a colleague, dealing with a recovering drug addicted brother, and waiting for the potentially terminal diagnosis of an adolescent daughter. The case takes a turn for Henry when a personal connection to him is identified.


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