Nero Wolfe: The Golden Spiders

Nero Wolfe: The Golden Spiders (2000)

Estados Unidos
Guionista: Bill Duke

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Clasificación: 7.1/10


Maury Chaykin plays Rex Stouts famous fuss-budget detective, Nero Wolfe, and Timothy Hutton plays his intrepid sidekick, Archie Goodwin, in Bill Dukes entertaining film of Stouts THE GOLDEN SPIDERS. The story starts off when a boy comes to Wolfes door with a mystery. Hes seen a woman wearing golden spider earrings and driving an expensive car who silently called out for help. Wolfe decides to investigate, and, before long, things take an ugly turn. The boy is run down in the street. Wolfe, feeling a responsibility for the boy, sets his impressive powers of deduction to work. Chaykin captures Wolfes fastidiousness perfectly while maintaining the strong sense of dignity essential to the character. Huttons entertainingly sarcastic voice-over narration gets across not only Goodwins frustration with Wolfe but also his tremendous respect for the man. Duke demonstrates the same attention to detail he showed in his earlier period films, A RAGE IN HARLEM and HOODLUM. The costumes and sets ar


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