La notte di Pasquino

La notte di Pasquino (2003)

Comedia | Italia
Guionista: Luigi Magni

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Rating: 6.4/10


Rome, 1870. On the eve of the breach of Porta Pia a kidnapping shakes the Jewish Ghetto: a child disappears. The responsible is the evil nobleman Galeazzo of Gensola who needs a child to be able to get hold of a rich heritage. Son of which he intends to break free.The rabbi is activated to find him and asks for help to a bizarre and elderly gentleman who is actually Pasquino, who wanders night for the Roman roads to attack his poems on statues and walls. Others will help him in the search, especially Jenny, a young American woman, and Andrew, a revolutionary. In the end, saved the child, Pasquino is revealed to be a cardinal, which entrusts the continuation of his work to Andrea, because he has to go to reach the Pope to be at his side in what the Holy Father will be a "hard day" , referring to corresponding breach of Porta Pia.


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