El camaleón

The Chameleon (2010)

Drama, Thriller, Crimen, Biografía | Canadá, Francia, Estados Unidos
Guionista: Jean-Paul Salomé

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Clasificación: 5.6/10
Opiniones de los usuarios: 5/10
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Based on a true story, this film looks at what happens when a serial impostor in Europe passes himself off as a missing boy from Texas. The missing boy's family welcomes him as their son, but the FBI quickly realizes something is amiss. Does the family's eagerness to accept the impostor mean they are just happy to have their loved one back, or are they trying to hide a more sinister event - perhaps what happened to their boy? But even more - who is this impostor who has talked his way into the United States and a family's home?


El camaleónEl camaleónEl camaleónEl camaleónEl camaleónEl camaleón


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