Dean Martin: El rey del cool

Dean Martin: King of Cool (2021)

Documental, Biografía, Historia | Estados Unidos
Guionista: Tom Donahue

Clasificación: 7.8/10
Opiniones de los usuarios: 9.5/10
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Dean Martin epitomised cool. A founding member of the Rat Pack, Dean was a multi-talented performer who was part of the number one comedy act in America, a chart-topping singer for over half a century, and one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and on TV. He was the consummate charmer on stage and off. Everybody loved him. Yet for all his celebrity, fame, and adoration, no one ever truly knew him. King Of Cool seeks to change this. Through the use of interviews with friends, family, those who worked with him, and modern actors and musicians inspired by him, as well as never before seen archival footage including from his time with Jerry Lewis, his movies and his TV Variety Show and Roasts, viewers get an intimate and personal account of his life. The film dives deep to try and understand why he was such an enigma and even searches to find Dean's Rosebud.


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