The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls

The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (2021)

Romance | Canadá, Estados Unidos
Guionista: Rich Newey

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Clasificación: 6.7/10


Hollywood television star Mike Mitchell is heading home to the Hudson Valley in upstate New York for the Christmas hiatus planning for a quiet holiday, especially as he contemplates popping the question to his childhood friend, divorced travel agent Andi Cruz. In the thought of proposing to Andi, he is also trying to be more of a parental figure to Andi's son Noah, especially as Noah's father, Ryan Zane, who has a history of being there then not, has reentered Noah's life with a bang yet again. This Christmas would be unlike the near fiasco of last Christmas, the final year of the Mitchell family's "Christmas house", his parents Bill and Phylis Mitchell's long held tradition to transform completely their family home for Christmas, the last year as Bill and Phylis have since retired and want to focus on other things in life. The other people involved, Mike's older brother, bakery owner Brandon Mitchell, his architect husband Jake, and their two infant children, are coming from Denver also wanting to eke out their own family Christmas traditions between the four of them, they staying in Andi's mother's otherwise empty house next door. Things take a turn when Mike's publicist Kathleen has arranged for Mike to be on "Deck Those Halls", a head-to-head annual house Christmas decorating competition show between two celebrities, Mike reluctantly agreeing in succumbing to the pressure to do so from all sides, including Andi, Noah and his family, meaning the last minute resurrection of the Christmas house. But when the other celebrity has to bow out, Kathleen, in seeing the rivalry between the two of them, has what she thinks is even a better idea: for Mike's competitor to be Brandon, the second house to be Andi's mother's. As Ryan unexpectedly arrives on the scene to add to the complications, the question becomes whether the Mitchell family as a collective and the three individual pods - Mike, Andi and Noah in one, Brandon, Jake and their two children in a second, and Bill and Phylis in the third - will be able to survive the proceedings.


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