El inconveniente

El inconveniente (2020)

Comedia, Drama | España
Guionista: Bernabé Rico

Clasificación: 6.4/10
Opiniones de los usuarios: 4.5/10
(2 votos)


2019, Sevilla (Andalusia, south to Spain). Sara is successful woman in her job as life insurance worker and in the personal sphère by her 8-years marriage with Daniel. Learning about a very much inexpensive apartment in the city, Sara meets real estate agent Óscar to make a guided visit by the house. Nevertheless, the house has a term: Sara not will live in it until the passing away of Lola, the aged owner. Interested by her, Sara visits the apartment to meet Lola, just to find something unexpected to all her hypes: loudmouth, chain smoker, free-spirited, drinker, friend to get high and survivor to a triple bypass, Lola is a force of nature which attitude and passion to fun crash against the more strict and conservative Sara, who despite her wish to live in the apartment as soon as be possible, she can't avoid to feel worry about Lola, taking care of her even when Lola drives her crazy with her philosophy of life and her celeb quotes. However, the things change drastically when Sara discovers Daniel being unfaithful with a job partner of him, Elena. Looking for help, Sara meets Lola in the need to find a friendly voice and a direction to follow, discovering Lola's past with her husband Víctor. In the attempt to return the favor, Sara finds Víctor to reconcile between them, in the hope to recover Daniel. However, when they two meet in order to make a decision, Sara receives bad news: Elena is pregnant and Daniel is determined for filing to divorce. Desperate, Sara calls Lola just to discover that there are worse things that your husband is leaving you by another woman.


El inconveniente


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