"Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks" offers a fresh look at the infamous serial killer's life through the eyes of the woman who became his closest confidant. With new interviews from pivotal figures in the case, the series sheds light on the grisly and complicated investigation. Looking back on her first interview with Dahmer, Nancy highlights on-and-off-camera conversations detailing Dahmer's disturbing crimes through his own words, giving insight into his dark, depraved manner and reasons for killing. The two-night event offers an in-depth look at the man and monster that was Jeffrey Dahmer with new and exclusive interviews from those closest to him, including parents Lionel and Shari Dahmer, who haven't spoken about this case or their son publicly in over 20 years, and surviving victims Billy Capshaw and Preston Davis, who have decided to finally break their silence about what happened to them. Their unique experiences with Dahmer throughout various stages of his life expose ...

Es war auf den Kanälen:

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  • Unentdeckt - Mörder unter uns (2018)

    In plain sight is a riveting whodunit, featuring some of the most disturbing murder cases with the killer hiding in plain sight. The killer can sometimes be...
  • Evil Up Close - Dem Bösen so nah (2012)

    Meet the neighbor who waves politely, the friend who is the life and soul of a party, the colleague who buys the coffee. All are ready to kill, rape or harm.
  • Medical Detectives - Geheimnisse der Gerichtsmedizin (1996)

    Police increasingly utilize scientific laboratory analysis to solve crimes. This program reviews and re-enacts dramatic cases from around the world in which...
  • Snapped - Wenn Frauen töten (2004)

    Bei „Snapped – Wenn Frauen töten“ stehen reale weibliche Straftäterinnen im Fokus der Erzählung, die durch ihre Tat einen Menschen, häufig den eigenen Partner,...

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