" If you are not going to your place, it's your place that is going to you ..." Audrey is a modern woman who seems to succeed in everything she undertakes: a collocation in a dream apartment, a great job, an employer willing to give her a No. 2 position in his company - Everything was perfectly OK. Behind appearances, the reality is far from what it's like: her roommate is a hysteric who shoots with a crossbow, her job is a nest of vipers where her boss is a sadistic, blinded by his hatred of Quebec. But, Audrey is a genuine Quebecois, who raised in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague-du-Cap-Tourmente. She thought she had managed to hide her true identity until the unexpected arrival of Melanie, her childhood friend.She is so Quebecois that "Tabernacle" that could be her middle name. Melanie decided to come to Paris and settle in Audrey's house, without giving her any choice. Increasingly cumbersome and invasive, Melanie becomes a real problem, and threatens to destroy her world.

Es war auf den Kanälen:

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