We’ll Be Young and Beautiful

Saremo giovani e bellissimi (2018)

Drama | Italien

Bewertung: 6.2/10


Isabella is seventeen in the early nineties, and she's a star. She has recorded an album that has had a huge success and that for a whole summer has passed on all the radios and televisions, then more nothing. Twenty-three years later, she sang those same songs in a local restaurant with his son Bruno, guitarist. It is because of the boy that his career stopped, or at least that's what Isabella tells herself as she continues to promise a new album that never comes. Even in the face of little age difference, Bruno and Isabella seem more like brother and sister than mother and son. An unconventional and ramshackle family, the two are linked by a very close relationship, at times morbid, united against a world that does not understand them. However, this bond breaks when Bruno meets Arianna, a guitarist hard as granite who proposes to join his band. Bruno desires her and that musical independence but hesitates, aware of the fact that her mother would experience it as a betrayal. And in ...


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