Keen Eddie

Keen Eddie (2003)

Action, Komödie, Drama, Mystery | Großbritannien, Vereinigte Staaten

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Bewertung: 8.0/10

Bursting with an array of kinetic storytelling devices, the one-hour action dramedy Keen Eddie brings feature film style and sensibilities to the escapades of down-on-his-luck New York Detective, Eddie Arlette (Mark Valley), as he takes a job in London. There, he’s partnered with a straight-laced bunch at Scotland Yard who alternately clash with and admire his brash ways. On the home front, he’s saddled with a sexy roommate (Sienna Miller) who regards the flat as her own, and treats Eddie with unflagging disdain. Yet, winding his way through the streets, pubs, sights and clubs of London gives Eddie insights – and not just on a city he’s growing to learn – but on his life… and a hopefully more enlightened path.

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