Biting Ealing comedy, starring Paul Douglas as a rich and brash American businessman who hires a small Scottish company to move his valuable furniture to his new home on a remote island. However, he does not expect their transportation to be a dilapidated boat in desperate need of repair - and sets out in hot pursuit of his belongings, desperate to save them from the briny depths. With Alex Mackenzie, James Copeland and Tommy Kearins.


Keine Bewertungen
  • Ortaci (1988)

    A young student hungry for cash engages in the world of shady deals.
  • Die nackte Wahrheit (2009)

    Katherine Heigl und Gerard Butler in einer bezaubernden Romantic Comedy: Die TV-Produzentin Abby sucht verzweifelt ihren Mr. Right. Keine Kompromisse, das ist...
  • Heirate mich, Alter! (2017)

    To avoid deportation, Yassine asks his best friend Fred to marry him.
  • Rita La Figlia Americana (1965)

    Professor Serafino Benvenuti is a master of classical music who has the passion of the orchestra director. However, the young audience of the 60 does not...

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