He Ain't Like That

Ma nije on takav (2010)

Thriller | Serbien

Benutzer-Bewertung: 6.8/10
(222 stimmen)


Bosko Pavlovic AKA "Bole Kalifornija" (Dragan Bjelogrlic) is a charming con artist in this atmospheric, light and non pretentious piece of movie making. As the narrator, police inspector Gavric (Gordan Kicic) meets with an associate of "Bole" at the Belgrade airport named Misa Grof (Zoran Cvijanovic), a story about Bole and his exploits begins to unravel. Bole is a serial con artist, who meets mostly older and will situated women on trains, then tricks them into liking him and disappears as soon as he has had a chance to get some of their money. As the noose around Bole tightens from the police and thugs hired by a well placed brother of a women he scorned, we begin to learn more about his life, motivation and his self perception. In a somewhat predictable turn of fortunes at the end, Bole has to pay the price for his misdoings before he finds his Eldorado. A funny, simple and focused tale that does not pretend to be more than it is, this movie delivers.


He Ain't Like ThatHe Ain't Like That


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