In his early thirties already, Adrien still behaves like a kid. He became a successful child actor, but that was more than ten years ago, and today Adrien has neither fame nor money left. He has to move back with his parents to start fresh.
Former child star, Adrian (Vincent Lacoste) had high hopes for his future. As he's approaching his 30's, things are not exactly turning out as planned. In addition to his empty love life, he's been expelled from his flat and had to go back living with his parents. His life pretty much comes down to chatting up girls in local bars although he seems to have lost that skill too. As his acting career is in trouble and his mood is down, he meets the young and pretty Léa in a police station and hears about an audition to play young French hero Charles de Gaulle...


My Days of GloryMy Days of GloryMy Days of GloryMy Days of GloryMy Days of Glory


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