Julia is a woman who currently lives a life that her mother and her future husband have planned for her. When she is about to get married, she discovers a great family secret that will change her forever. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, she decides to separate from them. Julia finds refuge in a secluded town in the mountains of Madrid where she will have a complicated mission: to take control of her own destiny. Carmen is a young woman who leaves the comforts of the metropolis to meet her father in the exotic colony of Spanish Guinea in the middle of the last century. Carmen discovers that Africa has a much tougher and wilder face than she ever imagined, and her life is stirred from the ground up. She will be faced with a difficult dilemma: abide by the unjust established rules or follow her own heart. Carmen and Julia's lives are linked by a bond as strong as that of blood: they are grandmother and granddaughter. Separated for more than half a century and on two continents, Carmen and Julia have much more in common than their family ties. The two are women who struggle to fulfill their dreams, who do not conform to the norms imposed by others and who will find love where they least expect it.

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